Monday, April 11, 2011

*~* My Dearest Baby Dean*~*

Dear Baby Dean,
   I am so incredibly thrilled to have you growing inside of me! Sorry mommy seems a little crazy, but this is still so surreal to me! By crazy, I mean testing like crazy; I have currently taken 6 at home and one at the doctor. Every time I see the words "pregnant" I think of you. I imagine my life with you. I have many weeks before I know if you are James or Jessica, but either way I am going to love you to the best of my abilities. I love you now, and you have many others waiting on you as well! You have so many people who want to love and spoil you. Daddy is so happy too! He holds you and kisses you already. He talks about the things we are going to do for you.
Dr. said that I shouldnt expect you to come into my life any time soon. But, after only 2 weeks of being treated for mommy's medical issues, you came to us! You are truely our blessing from God. I promise to raise you in His glory and teach you the #hope that many ladies help mommy learn. Keep growing. Be healthy. I dont care how sick you make me, I just want you in my arms. Stay in as long as possible, but not past your due date please :))


Mommy <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


That's right!!! We are PREGNANT!! Those words sound like I should be having my mouth washed out with soap!! But, it was confirmed today!! It is extremely early, but definitely true!!!! I am 4 weeks and 2 days!! Can you believe that there is a baby growing inside of me and I am IN LOVE!!! Completely and totally.

So, what made me take a test??? PURE BOREDOM! Not a lie! I had a test lying around and was expecting a negative..... But to my surprise, this comes up

Its the faintest of lines, and almost NOT believable! SOOO I called my mom and told her.... then I called the oh so FABULOUS BFF Courtney who, at 11 pm leaves her family to go to walmart. We had both posted this pic. Most people were in the boat with Court and it was positive; there were some negative people. Then I took a $ store test, which Court SWEARS she saw a faint line..... I got really discouraged and she makes me take a digital one..... AND...... Drum Roll please!!

Yep it says PREGNANT!!! Oh and I about hit the floor!!!! Well, I thought it was a fluke. Two positives?? So I tested in the morning with FMU and guess what??? STILL PREGNANT!!! I made a dr appt and they didnt do much but give me a test. Nurse said line was still faint on her test, but they trust ClearBlue :) I still dont know if I believe it yet FULLY, but I plan to take another test VERY soon :)))))

I hope this gives you all hope :)

<3 Tiff<3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here. There. Everywhere.

Food= disgusting. Nothing appeals to me. NOTHING. However, I have developed a strange addiction to pineapple. I could eat that all day everyday :) Though, that isn't very healthy, there are worse things I could want. I am not sure if numerically I have lost weight, but I have noticed my clothes falling off. And I am able to wear clothes that last summer, I was not even able to get over my big ol' booty!

I think I ovulated for the first time in a very long while. I couldn't be sure. My OPKs never registered "positive" but I had light lines for three days. But this morning, there was no line. Yesterday, I had a twinge/cramp like feeling on my right side. Ovulation pain? Couldnt tell ya because I dont know what they feel like......

This is the update. Not much is going on. I am falling behind in school work, simply bc I just have no urge to do it :) and in FOUR WEEKS I will be in Panama City Beach :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adjusting to metformin

The first night was really bad! I mean really bad! The second night was a little better. Today, the third, hasn't been as bad as the first two. I think I am adjusting but can't be sure. I'm worried about what happens Friday when I start taking two pills a day! And then when I add the third pill. I've heard weight loss is amazing with metformin. That's NOT my main goal. I have been trying to loose weight so it will definitely be helpful!!! My goal is to get my body on track. Where it should have been all along. And ladies, let me be the first to say, if you suspect something is wrong, don't wait so long to get help! I'm lucky things weren't worse. They could have been since I waited soooo long. Maybe soon I can grace y'all with a BFP:)


Monday, February 28, 2011

Doctor Update

Sorry I havent updated sooner.... SLACKER I know!

Ok the verdict is: PCOS... which I suspected. I start metformin this week at 500mg and go back may 27. If I have not started ovulating on my own/ or pregnant, I start clomid! She is postive before 2011 is over Ill have my BFP! And MAYBE a baby.... by January :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Tomorrow is the day I go to the doctor!!! It is finally here! I cant believe it! I am nervous and have butterflies. But I am also SUPER DUPER excited!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally Being Me

Hey guys! I am BACK! And **ALMOST** back to the me that I have missed soooo much. I say almost, bc there are still things that I am working on. I was really depressed the past few weeks with my cycles going aywire again and everyone getting pregnant and passing me by. Though those things bother me and I still want my baby, I have decided that I cant completely let TTC take over my life as it has. I wasnt living and I need to live. My doctor appt is next Friday, the 25. I have faith that God is going to work through the doctor to get me my miracle. Ive lost 16 pounds since Christmas time (ish). To some that may seem so little, but since I struggle to loose weight, that is FANTASTIC!!!!  I have became comfortable with my body as I am but in the process I am working on eating healthier and exercising more. I thought more weight would come off, but I am also pleased where I am. I am still doing well in school ( I say that bc there are no measures in which I can say Im bad or good). I dont have much work to do just a LOT of reading...... I think that is it. Some of the people who follow my blog, dont know me, so if you have ?s or comments feel free :) I am willing and ready :) 

Lots of love and BABY DUST :) 

Tiff <3