Wednesday, April 28, 2010


 My neice (Chasity; flowergirl) and ME on our big day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010; a New year with a brighter future?

I THINK SOOOO!!!! Things  are happening for me. I am finishing student teaching. Tomorrow is my LAST day. I got nominated (and joined) Kappa Delta Pi (an international honor society for education majors) and I graduate college on May 4th. I have had interviews galore (though i am still waiting on my  place in the world; maybe Wednesday's interview will be it {its the job I want}). So far, I am 3-1 for cycles! Which makes me estatic... I am so used to only getting three to four visits from AF a year, that having three in a row makes me happy. The bad news on April 21 was I was not pregnant; the good news was, my third cycle started after only 32 days :) Which means, I have to be ovulating again. We are going to do everything possible to make sure this works for us! I think our cruise may end up being our "baby moon" and knowing my luck, thats when my angel when come into my life :D I am starting to be more positive about things. I appreciate everything you guys have said and done for me. The prayers, the baby dust, all of it! PLEASE CONTINUE! Matt's dad is talking about grandchildren..... how am I supposed to tell him i am having problems?! Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. My mom knows. His mom knows, but of course she is ok with it. Both of Matt's sisters know, but they are praying that I am blessed with a miracle too. I wish all of you the best of luck and send the baby dust to you guys. Continue your journeys as if nothing is a problem. Remember, its all for YOUR baby. To those with BFP- congrats! I am happy for you. To those who are going through the challenges of recovering from their loss, you have to continue to be strong. God has another purpose for your child.

Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they WILL be comforted.
Psalm 145:16 Thou open thy hand and satisfy the DESIRE of every living thing.

God will never leave nor forsake you. He is going to provide for each one of us on our TTC journeys:)

Trying Tiff

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*~* Wordless Wednesday*~*

Matt and I on our first Valentines day ( 7 months into our relationship)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life UNexpected.....

CD 21....and still NO positive OPK...... But I have managed to fail an important exam; I now have to pay to retake it. I have also managed to NOT get a job. I am falling into depression again, and I am trying to avoid that. I have few friends anymore that understand and the ones taht do, they are AMAZING! They are trying to prevent that from happening. Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. I mean literally. And I am ready to be out of high school student teaching. If it wasnt enough my classroom is right beside a teen PARENTING class, I have noticed more and more pregnant teens. It looks soo easy for them.... but where does that put me. And if one more person ask "When are you going to have a child" I may officially snap.

I am going to continue to live my life with my head held high! I want nothing but the best for all of you :)

*Trying Tiff *