Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breaking from TTC

Matt and I had a long conversation last night. One of the things we discussed was taking a TTC break. Not because we want to but because emotionally I need it. I have the mind set of let go and let God. Now we aren't going to do any form or birth control so if it happens naturally then great!!! But for now, if it doesn't I have got to focus on getting in better health. I need to get my weight back under control and start mentally andemotionally preparing for the long road to baby. Which I think I am going to name my blog. In the long run, whether I get pregnant now or later, my child will be brought into being through less stress and better health for both of us. I have also decided to go ahead and go to grad school. The way I get the bulk of my schooling done so that when baby does come, I'll be able to devote every minute to him or her!!! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to tell me!!! Also I would like to know if anyone else has taken the break and wat they are doing/ did and the benefits!! Thanks sincerely!!!