Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here. There. Everywhere.

Food= disgusting. Nothing appeals to me. NOTHING. However, I have developed a strange addiction to pineapple. I could eat that all day everyday :) Though, that isn't very healthy, there are worse things I could want. I am not sure if numerically I have lost weight, but I have noticed my clothes falling off. And I am able to wear clothes that last summer, I was not even able to get over my big ol' booty!

I think I ovulated for the first time in a very long while. I couldn't be sure. My OPKs never registered "positive" but I had light lines for three days. But this morning, there was no line. Yesterday, I had a twinge/cramp like feeling on my right side. Ovulation pain? Couldnt tell ya because I dont know what they feel like......

This is the update. Not much is going on. I am falling behind in school work, simply bc I just have no urge to do it :) and in FOUR WEEKS I will be in Panama City Beach :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adjusting to metformin

The first night was really bad! I mean really bad! The second night was a little better. Today, the third, hasn't been as bad as the first two. I think I am adjusting but can't be sure. I'm worried about what happens Friday when I start taking two pills a day! And then when I add the third pill. I've heard weight loss is amazing with metformin. That's NOT my main goal. I have been trying to loose weight so it will definitely be helpful!!! My goal is to get my body on track. Where it should have been all along. And ladies, let me be the first to say, if you suspect something is wrong, don't wait so long to get help! I'm lucky things weren't worse. They could have been since I waited soooo long. Maybe soon I can grace y'all with a BFP:)