Thursday, March 24, 2011

Here. There. Everywhere.

Food= disgusting. Nothing appeals to me. NOTHING. However, I have developed a strange addiction to pineapple. I could eat that all day everyday :) Though, that isn't very healthy, there are worse things I could want. I am not sure if numerically I have lost weight, but I have noticed my clothes falling off. And I am able to wear clothes that last summer, I was not even able to get over my big ol' booty!

I think I ovulated for the first time in a very long while. I couldn't be sure. My OPKs never registered "positive" but I had light lines for three days. But this morning, there was no line. Yesterday, I had a twinge/cramp like feeling on my right side. Ovulation pain? Couldnt tell ya because I dont know what they feel like......

This is the update. Not much is going on. I am falling behind in school work, simply bc I just have no urge to do it :) and in FOUR WEEKS I will be in Panama City Beach :)

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  1. First off thanks for the comments, you always say just what I need/want to hear :) sounds like the metformin is working for you!! I'm so excited and extremely happy for you :) can't wait for your bfp it HAS to be coming soon :) I'll keep you in my prayers :)