Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally Being Me

Hey guys! I am BACK! And **ALMOST** back to the me that I have missed soooo much. I say almost, bc there are still things that I am working on. I was really depressed the past few weeks with my cycles going aywire again and everyone getting pregnant and passing me by. Though those things bother me and I still want my baby, I have decided that I cant completely let TTC take over my life as it has. I wasnt living and I need to live. My doctor appt is next Friday, the 25. I have faith that God is going to work through the doctor to get me my miracle. Ive lost 16 pounds since Christmas time (ish). To some that may seem so little, but since I struggle to loose weight, that is FANTASTIC!!!!  I have became comfortable with my body as I am but in the process I am working on eating healthier and exercising more. I thought more weight would come off, but I am also pleased where I am. I am still doing well in school ( I say that bc there are no measures in which I can say Im bad or good). I dont have much work to do just a LOT of reading...... I think that is it. Some of the people who follow my blog, dont know me, so if you have ?s or comments feel free :) I am willing and ready :) 

Lots of love and BABY DUST :) 

Tiff <3


  1. So glad you're being you! Congrats on your 16lbs!! That's so exciting!! I can't believe your appt was change, but I'm sure there's a reason to why, everything always happens for a reason :) Glad to see an update from you!! Maybe you should just do a post of random facts about you or something so people can learn more about ya :)